Main Event Talent Artist Highlight - Abby Owens


As one of South Florida's many rising stars, one might say that Miss Abby Owens shines the brightest. As a strong-willed, sharp-tongued lyricist, she spits the truth through song in a way that is unapologetically straight to the point and from the heart. You can find her delighting audiences throughout South Florida's restaurants and nightclubs ... for now. We expect to see her on the big stage in the future. We predict big things for this very talented young lady. You might want to to get out and catch one of her shows here locally, while you still can.

YOU CAN TUNE IN ONLINE THIS EVENING, 5/25/17, FOR A LIVE CONCERT PERFORMANCE AT 8PM. Virtual "tips" collected this evening will help Abby with recording sessions, mixing and mastering her next CD. Click this link for the CONCERT WINDOW:

Here are a couple of her original songs "If I Were the Cheatin' Kind" and "Love Like This Again." Have a listen! And please visit her artist page and give it a "like: on Facebook:

"If I Were the Cheatin' Kind"


"Love Like This Again."

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