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Many of these bands are available in multiple formats... from solo acoustic, to duos and trios with various instrumentation, both "unplugged" and electric. In addition to these acts listed below, we have hundreds of additional solos, duos, trios, DJ's, karaoke hosts, and novelty acts whom we represent. No matter what you're looking for, we can accommodate. 

   22 North
   3 Sixty
   432 Vibes
   5th Wheel
   56 Ace
   Adam's Anguish
   Alive Beat
   Andrew Morris Band
   Audio Tramp
   Bamboo Taxi
   Big City Band
   Big City Dogs
   Big Medizine
   Big Rock
   Bobby Nathan Band
   Brendan O'Hara & the Rescue
   Brothers of Others
   Bryant del Toro Band
   Bryce Allyn Band
   Charlie Sullivan Band
   Cover Up
   Final Shot
   Fresh Catch
   Friday at Five
   Funkabilly Playboys
   Furious George 
   Girlfriend Material
   Green Means Go
   Gypsy Lights
   Hatch Cats
   Havoc 305
   High Tolerance
   Jason K & Signal Fire
   Jeffrey James Gang
   Jennell Eve Band
   Lazy Bonez
   Love Alive
   Mama's Favorite
   Magic Bus
   Manny Diquez Band
   Making Faces
   Melinda Elena Band
   Mighty Quinn 
   Mouth Tape
   Mr. Nice Guy 
   My Weekend Therapy
   New York Minute
   On the Roxx
   PeeWee Lewis & The Hues
   Poor Life Decisions
   Pretty Ruthless
   Project X
   Quick Fix
   Radio Addiction
   Random Play
   Rare Form
   Repeat Offenders
   Rough Shot 
   Rosario Craig Band
   SeKond Nature
   Sex Cells
   Shane Duncan Band
   Shauna Sweeney Band 
   Sippin' Fire
   Steeltown Religion
   Stereo Mix
   Stone Mojo 
   String Theory 
   Sunday Driver
   Sunny South
   Tailgate Shakedown
   Taylor Road
   The Baron Sisters Band
   The Castaways
   The Crush
   The Fiascoes
   The Flyers
   The Goodnicks
   The Groove
   The Heavy Pets
   The Kinected
   The Klik
   The Leaks
   The Livesays
   The New Planets
   The Nouveaux Honkies
   The Painkillers
   The People UpStairs
   The Regs
   The Shin Dig
   The Silent Shout
   The Smokin' Aces
   The Stray Jackets
   The String Assassins
   The Vintage Band
   Tuxedo Jesus 
   Twisted Roots
   Tyme Machine
   Uproot Hootenanny
   White Noise
   Zero Point Zero
   Zero to Sixty

    JC Dwyer & The Blackbirds
    Joel DaSilva & the Midnight Howl
    Ryan & the Rockers
    Slip & the Spinouts
    The High Fevers
    The Sideburns
    The Sweet Chariots

    33 Years
    56 Ace
    Amber Leigh Band
    Andrew Morris Band
    Billy Craver Band
    Burnt Biscuit
    Casey Raines Band
    Cecilia Lauren & Ocoee River Band
    Jade Sanders Band
    Logan Brothers Band
    Maggie Baugh Band
    Monique McCall Band
    Raquel Renner and the Ramblers
    Ricky Valido Band
    Rodeo Clowns
    Rough Shot
    Samantha Russell Band
    Shane Duncan Band
    South of Southern
    Shadow Creek
    Steeltown Religion
    Tailgate Shakedown
    The Devils Cut
    Tom Jackson Band
    Trey Ward & Sucker Punch
    Twisted Roots
    Whisky Six

    Eric Allison
    Dana Paul
    Deb Silver Band
    Helena Redman Band
    Juanita Dixon
    Scott Klarman
    Lili Lavon Band
    Liz Sharp & Company
    Lourdes Valentin Band
    Michael Bianco
    Randy Bernsen
    Sista Marybeth
    Sound of Vision
    Swing Somethin'

    Conjunto Progreso
    Hialeah Sound Machine
    Ole Ole
    Sound of Vision
    Tony Succar & Mixtura

    432 Vibes
    Adrian Stoney
    Bradley Brown Band
    Brothers United
    Cecil Xavier
    Chucka Riddim
    El Dub
    Fourth Dimension
    Harold Seay & Boogie Shoes
    Jah Steve & the Counteract Crew
    Making Faces
    Marijah & the Reggae All Stars
    Minus Turmoil
    Sound Movement Band
    Sweet Justice
    The Bullet Dodgers

   Bobby Nathan Band
   Bonefish Johnny Band
   Drew Preston Project
   J.C. Crossfire
   Jeff Prine Band
   Jeffrey James Gang
   JL Fulks Band
   Joel Dasilva & The Midnight Howl
   Joey Gilmore
   Joey Tenuto Band
   Josh Rowand & Pitbull of Blues Band
   JP Soars & The Redhots
   Kilmo & The Killers
   Mark Telesca Band
   Rockin' Jake Band
   Shack Daddys
   Soul JUNK
   The Regulators

    Across the Universe (Beatles)
    Almost Manilow (Barry Manilow)
    American Idiots (Greenday)
    Black Water River (Doobie Brothers)
    Big Jam Theory (Dave Matthews Band)
    Big Medicine (Woodstock)
    Blues Brothers Soul Band (Blues Brothers)
    Brass Evolution (Chicaco; Earth Wind & Fire)
    Completely Unchained (Van Halen)
    Crazy Fingers (Grateful Dead)
    Gloria's Miami Sound (Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound Machine)
    HairDaze (80's Arena Rock)
    Kaleidoscope (Motown)
    KISS Alive (Kiss Tribute)
    Lazy Bonez (80's Arena Rock)
    Livin' on a Prayer (Bon Jovi Tribute)
    Marshall Brothers (Allman Brothers)
    Never Stop Believin' (Journey)
    On The Roxx (80's Pop Hits/New Wave)
    Orange Sunshine (60's)
    Rock and Roll Dreams (Meatloaf)
    Roll the Stones (Rolling Stones)
    Rubixx (80's New Wave/One Hit Wonders)
    Sigmund Floyd (Pink Floyd)
    Simply Tina (Tina Turner)
    Sinatra Touch (Old Blues Eyes)
    Spinning Wheel (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
    Stereotomy (80's New Wave, Retro Rock)
    Still Alive (Pearl Jam)
    Synchronicity (The Police)
    The Boss Project (Bruce Springsteen)
    The Livesays (Asbury Park)
    The Long Run (Eagles)
    Tough Cookie (Pat Benatar/Joan Jett)
    Troy Anderson/Wonderful World Band (Louie Armstrong)
    True Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)
    Turnstiles (Billy Joel)
    UV (U2)
    Unity (Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson)
    ZZ Top Experience (ZZ Top)

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