Artist Submissions



If you would like to be booked by Main Event Talent Agency, please read the notes below BEFORE you fill out the submission form. 

If you do not have a website, Facebook Band page, ReverbNation Account, etc., we highly suggest you GET ONE. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to book you without an online presence. You are competing with hundreds of other bands and artists who want the same gigs as you do. Having an Internet presence and the ability to do "social networking" is mandatory to be booked at most public venues/nightclubs. How else can you assist with marketing and promotions of your shows if your band information and schedule are not viewable online?

Also, please keep in mind that privately owned venues (as opposed to corporate accounts) tend to be somewhat dependent on bands to "bring a following." So although you may feel your style of music may be a "good fit" for a particular room, if you are unable to draw a crowd in the neighborhood of the venue, there is a possibility you may not be considered until you are better established and have a consistent fan turn-out in other clubs close in proximity.

We are not currently booking very many Original Shows or touring artists. 90% of the venues with whom we are working are asking for established local cover bands. (If there is a venue owner out there willing to try original music, by all means, please let us know!)

Due to volume of booking requests and mail received, please give us some time before you call and/or write after submitting material. Keep in mind that there are a hundred other bands already on the agency roster so it will take time before new acts get worked into the rotation. WE DO NOT REPLY TO ALL SUBMISSIONS. 

If you drop us a facebook note that says "check out my page" (or something of this nature) it WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. Please DO NOT POST band info on the agency facebook wall or tag us in videos. This is not the proper protocol for promo submission and will be deleted.

Once we receive all required promotional material, a representative from the agency will come out and see your band perform live prior to booking you, [there are exceptions to this rule if (1) you have really good live video samples and you have (2) excellent references from past gigs]. Please do not ask us to come see your band live prior to providing a COMPLETE promo pack. Even if we like your band, we still need something with which to sell you, so arm us with something impressive! With the exception of a few clubs which we book exclusively, we have to "pitch" your band to our clients, just like you have to "pitch" yourself. Our clients do not have the time nor desire to go to your gigs -- that's one of the main reasons they use the Agency services. 

New bands: Please do not ask us for "off night gigs," or corporate events and private parties. There are bands who have been on the agency roster a lot longer than you who will have "first dibs" on these jobs (*UNLESS you bring something to the table that is unique and requested). There are very few exceptions to this rule.

We will review your information and get back to you if an opportunity that suits your talent arises.

Thank you for your interest in working with Main Event Talent Agency.