Artist Submissions


If you would like to be booked by Main Event Talent Agency, please make sure to read this section in its entirety BEFORE you fill out the submission form. 
Due to volume of booking requests and mail received, please understand that we do not reply to all submissions. If you bring something exceptional to the table that fits our current clients' requests, you will hear from us promptly. All submitted info is kept on file for future opportunities that are suitable. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of acts already on the agency roster so it does take time for new acts to get worked into our booking rotation. Do NOT submit a promotional package if you do not have a website, public Facebook Music page, or some form of online presence and means of social networking; these type of public pages are required for booking consideration (and subsequent cross-promotion of gigs). 
With extremely rare exceptions, we are not currently booking gigs for original musicians, touring artists or out-of-state tribute bands. We do not book actors or models. We do not have a current market for Rap/Hip Hop. Although we offer novelty and variety acts, our main focus is music, therefore if you are a magician, hypnotist, comedian, look-a-like, motivational speaker, etc., we will not respond to submission, but we will keep your information on file should something appropriate arise. 
The vast majority of our clients request established South Florida acts/bands for 3-4 cover hour gigs. If you are a local artist or band who would like to be added to our roster, please note that you must have at least 50 covers on your song list. Please note that privately owned clubs, bars and restaurants tend to be somewhat dependent on bands to "bring a following," so although you may feel your style of music may be a "good fit" for a particular room, if you are unable to draw a crowd in the neighborhood of the venue, it is likely you may not be considered for certain venues until you are better established and have a consistent fan turn-out in other clubs in the area. 
Once we have received, reviewed and approved a promotional package submission, a representative from the agency will come out and see you perform live prior to booking you. There are exceptions to this rule if: (1) you have exceptional high quality live videos, and (2) you have excellent references from past gigs. Please do not ask us to come see your band live prior to providing a complete promo pack. Even if we like you or your band, we still need material to use to "pitch" you to clients. You are competing with hundreds of other artists and bands who want the same gigs as you do... so arm us with something impressive! 

Thank you for your interest in working with Main Event Talent Agency.
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