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Why should you choose Main Event Talent Agency as your House Agent or Musical Director?

Main Event Talent Agency offers over thirty years of experience booking and promoting gigs, concerts, festivals, corporate events and private parties at over 500 venues in South Florida (click here to see our client list).

Here are some of the advantages of using our services:


Entertainment Variety:
Our talent agency roster has well over 500 solos, duos and bands of every genre in four counties. Using the service of a licensed, established and reputable talent agency relieves you of the headaches and hassles of scheduling daily or weekly entertainment yourselves, as this alone can be a full-time job. Our roster becomes YOUR roster. Got bands you already like working for you that you want to keep? Great! We'll handle their scheduling for you, as well, and keep them in your rotation.
We only work with professional musicians. They must not only be talented, they also must be prompt, professional, courteous, and accommodating. Our standards are high and we require that the entertainers on our agency roster meet and maintain these standards. 

Band screening:
Prior to booking ANY band, we require and review promotional packages from bands who wish to be considered for representation. [Click here to see our band submission guidelines.] Once we receive and are impressed with said promotional material, we check references and re-booking ratio and catch a live performance before we book them. You have no time for this, do you? Of course not! Plus, you probably receive hundreds of inquiries per month from musicians searching for work. Imagine how nice it would be for you to be able to refer ALL those calls and letters to an Agent who does that work FOR you.
Advance Gig Detail Sheets:
We compile all pertinent information and provide our entertainers with advance “gig detail sheets” with information including: where to park, how to load-in, location and size of stage or performance area, requested repertoire, set and break times, dress code, allotted food or beverage discount, manager on duty’s name, to a map link and advance peek of the venue via photos. Some may call this “spoon feeding,” but we prefer our bands be over-prepared rather than surprised.
Lead singer sick? Guitar player breaks a finger? Band van breaks down? Don’t worry! You don’t ever have to stop everything you’re doing to find another band to cover a shift! With our vast group text messaging system, we can replace a band with as little as 90 minutes notice in three counties!
Ease of Reference:
With the use of the Google online shared calendar system, you can sign on for a quick reference to see all scheduled entertainment at multiple locations. We recommend these calendars be printed and placed in common areas (i.e., near telephones or staff weekly schedule) so that when a customer calls to see who’s is performing at your venue, your staff is advised and able to answer all inquiries. Or we can simply e-mail you a printable PDF calendar document.
Promotions/Social Networking:
We require all of our bands to promote their upcoming performances through the use of various social networking systems, (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, text messaging, e-mail, flyers, etc.), provide them with pertinent information to enhance their advertising efforts (i.e., your venue website, address, phone, map link, drink specials, etc.) and double check that each band is making a noticeable effort to notify and invite their friends and fans to their gigs.
We know how time consuming it can be to collect the proper data to enter each new musician or band leader as a vendor into your accounting system. We also know that musicians like to get paid promptly. We take care of all of this for you by sending you ONE invoice every Monday morning (via e-mail or fax) for all of the performers who played at your venue the week prior directly to your accountant. As an option, we can send you monthly invoices in advance, based on what works best for you. You cut just ONE check, and we cut all of the band paychecks. We can provide you with all the proper documentation and reports you need for budgeting purposes and to keep accurate tax records, upon request. (Accounting service is available for an administrative additional fee.)
Demographic Analysis:
We visit your venue during peak business hours and evaluate your customer demographic in order to determine which bands would best suit your venue. We value your feedback and work closely with you to decide which bands will be included in a monthly rotation based on how well they are received by your patrons.
Increase in Revenue and Productivity:
Financial track records prove that consistency of quality of entertainment is directly proportional to an increase in revenue. And with our combined services, we free up countless hours of your time so that you can focus on the many other functions that require your attention to run a successful business. Let us do what we do best so your time is freed up to do what you do best. We realize that your bottom line is the most important element. We understand that our job is to help you make money.
Other services available:
Graphics, Promotions, Handling of your Social Networking and Marketing and more. Just ask. 


Our booking fees are simple - You set your entertainment budget and we work within your means. 

We know the South Florida market, we represent the very best performers, and we feel confident that we can simplify your life and free up your time by taking over the task of booking your music for you. Feel free to call 954-429-0401 with any questions and to discuss further. Thanks for your time and consideration. We look forward to working with you.